Placement Portal

Instructions For Recruiters

  • Only one registration is allowed for an Industry.  However they can post multiple job or internship opportunities after sign in. If you have visited us last year, you can use the same credentials to log-in. In case of any difficulty in log-in, write back to us at
  • Please visit other pages in this website for the brochure, and other details of our revised placement process.
  • For sign-in credentials, please write to the to with your email, name, mobile number, along with company name and address. Log in credentials will be sent both as sms and email.
  • Once you receive these details from us, please use the sign in link to fill in the details of the offer.  These details will be transferred to applicable set of students at a later date.
  • While announcing the jobs at this portal, please fill in the information requested for in the portal. If their is any specification with respect to the departments to be addressed for the recruitment, please mention in the Job description document as an additional file. You will be able to attach files for additional details.
  • OCCaP Committee announces the job to the students of specific interest area mentioned.  In many cases, niche research in some areas may be happening in unrelated departments.  If none of the profiles match, please do let us know at
  • Student profiles will be visible to recruiters only after students specifically apply for the opening.

Instructions For Students

  • Students have been sent information abut signing in to the portal.  After signing  in they should complete their profile as early as possible and meet the placement officer at CSIC building (first floor) to record their biometric information before October 11th 2017.  Please note that some relevant information will be picked up from the Academic Database and can not be changed here.  Please read the rules and regulations available in this website.
  • Students must signup and complete their profile by October 11th 2017. Please use  sign in to edit your profile or apply for job. You will also get notifications of OCCaP events.