The 5-year integrated Master of Science (MS) Programme at IISc is designed as a blend of Core Science topics and essential engineering skills that can serve as a launching pad into Industry. The novelty of this programme lies in its interdisciplinary approach, strong flavor of engineering, exposure to disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, and a year-long research project. With a strong conceptual understanding and excellent hands-on skills, the versatile graduates of this programme are second to none in the country.

Students opting for the Master of Science programme will get both Bachelor of Science (Research) and Master of Science degrees at the end of the fifth year if they complete all requirements for the award of the Master of Science degree. Graduates of this programme major in one of the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Material Sciences, Mathematics and Physics. In addition, they may also choose another field of interest as a minor.

Around 120 students are admitted annually to the above programs managed by the Dean of Undergraduate program at IISc.  In addition to the above UG Program, IISc offers Masters PhD degree and Post Docs..

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