Revised in January 2024

The Office of Career Counselling and Placement (OCCaP) will be the nodal agency for coordinating all placement related activities.  For the purpose of this document, OCCaP or Placement Committee is defined as the committee of Professors in charge of OCCaP. The Indian Institute of Science is referred to as Tata Institute or IISc.

IMPORTANT: OCCaP Committee reserves the right to change any or all of these rules and is the sole authority in taking decisions pertaining to placements from the Institute. Any grievances must be brought up to the notice of OCCaP Committee for resolution.



All students who expect to graduate from the Institute by the end of the academic year(July 31) and are actively seeking employment may register for campus placements. Registrations for placements will be open during the month of August/ January on the online portal maintained by OCCaP. Ph.D and M.Tech (Research) students seeking final placement opportunities can register by submitting a certificate in the prescribed format available on the website, indicating that they will submit their thesis before 31st July of the current Academic Year.

Campus placement is a facility provided to all students of IISc. Registration is not compulsory and students not interested in industry jobs are requested not to register for job placements. However, registration is compulsory for students interested in placements through OCCaP. Students having 4 or more course backlogs are advised not to register for placements. Such students are advised to improve their performance and register after the semester examinations in December.

Students enrolled in the Master’s program who have acquired their degrees and were not placed in the earlier years will not be allowed to re-register.

Students who have lost their job for reasons beyond their control will be allowed to re-register on a case by case basis. This decision is solely the prerogative of OCCaP. Only full time students of the Institute are eligible to register for placements.

Individuals employed as Research Assistants, Project Assistants, Part-time students are not eligible to register.

All placement activities on campus will take place only via OCCaP. The following rules will be enforced during the present placement season.

  1. Students need to express their interest to participate in Campus Placement by sharing their details in OCCaP pre-registration form. This form will be shared with IISc students and will be open for application from July.
  2. Each student interested for placement opportunities will be given a unique account enabling access to the placement portal.
  3. Students need to share the required information and upload their CV’s on this portal with their login credentials.
  4. This account will be verified by OCCaP. Successful verification of accounts will lead to activation of student accounts on OCCaP portal.
  5. Misrepresentation or falsification of data in OCCaP student account, cv etc.,will result in suspension of student OCCaP accounts and appropriate disciplinary actions.
  6. Students will be able to access placement notices, company and other placement related announcements via OCCaP portal.
  7. Students are advised to read the announcements made, go through the company website and apply only if they are genuinely interested.
  8. It will be the sole responsibility of the student to keep track of various deadlines and adhere to the same while applying for companies. DEADLINES WILL NOT BE EXTENDED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.
  9. Students are not permitted to deregister from a company’s recruitment process. Absenting from the recruitment process, after applying for a job will invite suspension of the student OCCaP account.
  10. Where possible, notices of the Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) will be shared with the students in advance. PPT’s will be conducted via virtual mode. Documented/ Recorded PPT’s will be shared via email or students need to join online streaming of PPT by Recruiter
  11. While OCCaP will endeavor to send mobile and/or email alerts, the committee will not take responsibility of non-receipt of the same. It is incumbent upon the student to regularly check the placement portal for updates.
  12. Virtual PPT’s and online test for placements will be scheduled in August/ September followed by interviews for the same and further slots.
  13. Students interested to apply for a particular company must attend online PPT (if scheduled) and/or refer to all materials shared by the company. Students can participate in online PPT’s or refer to documents shared by as many recruiters as they wish
  14. Students should seek all clarifications such as break-up of the salary offered, job profile, place of work, bond details etc., with the company representatives during the PPT.
  15. If a student is unable to attend the placement process after applying for a company because of an emergency, she/he must inform directly to OCCaP only via email at least 24 hours in advance.
  16. Students cannot voluntarily decide to drop out of the placement process of a particular company, after registering on portal. The only exception to this rule is a job profile mismatch, the decision for which rests solely with OCCaP .
  17. Students and companies will be required to disclose to OCCaP any pre-placement offers that have been made.
  18. Students who have been made pre-placement offers will be required to inform OCCaP of their decision by August 10th or the deadline set by the company, whichever is earlier.
  19. Students who secured and accepted off-campus job offer should disclose this information to OCCaP.
  20. Students who have pre-placement offers (PPO) or Off-campus job offers can participate in the placement process as per the PPO policy
  21. As per OCCaP PPO policy, a student with PPO is eligible to attend further interview process on campus as mentioned below
     Students can apply till December 2024 to a maximum of 2 companies offering 20% more than the PPO/Off-campus offer (overall CTC) 
  22. Any student found violating pre-placement rules will be debarred from the placement process. If a student fails to notify of a pre-placement offer or an off-campus job offer and gets an offer via the institute’s placement process, then the violation will be notified to both the companies that have made offers.


A. Pre- Placement Talks (PPT)

PPT’s may be scheduled in any one or more of the modes:

  • – Documented PPT’s shared via email
  • – Recorded video PPT’s shared via email
  • – Online streaming of PPTBefore applying to the company students must attend/refer to these modes of interaction with the recruiter.

B. Industry Interaction Days

Companies can schedule a half day/ full day events on campus for students for better engagement and know-how of organisation work.


  1. CS and related branches will henceforth be designated as CS. A company that does not exclusively hire students from the CS branch will be termed as non-CS company.
  2. All recruiters will be provided a date to visit IISc for placement tests and interviews. Online tests for most companies will be held at least a day before the personal interview. *Only in some special cases will tests and interviews be allowed on the same date(Conditional)
  3. More than one company may be invited on the same date.
  4. Companies will be designated as Slot 1 based on certain criteria (past recruitment record, offered CTC, reputation etc. decided by OCCaP. The remaining companies will be grouped into Slot 2 and further.
  5. Details of scheduling of recruiters in different slots are discussed in the page on Placement Process.
  6. Wait listing Policy: 

    Students receiving multiple offers will be allowed to choose one of the company from which they have received an offer. All such students will then be out of the placement process. Vacant slots will be filled by wait-listed students adopting the same procedure as above

    1. Students selected in a particular slot based on the spot offer will be blocked for that company but will be allowed to attend one dream company of that Slot. The dream company is declared by the student before the start of the Slot.
    2. If they get selected for the dream company, the previous spot offer will be auto-declined, and the offer received by the dream company is confirmed. Students will be excluded from participating in campus hiring any further. All their existing privileges will be disabled in the OCCaP portal.
    3. If the student is not selected for the dream company, the Spot offer continues, and students will be excluded from participating any further in campus hiring. All their existing privileges will be disabled in the OCCaP portal.
    4. After the slot, the sequential process will commence. In the Sequential process, students will be blocked based on the spot offers, and students will be excluded from participating any further in campus hiring. All their existing privileges will be disabled in the OCCaP portal.
    5. Vacant slots will be filled by wait listed students adopting the same procedure as above. 
  7. It is the responsibility of the student to regularly check announcements/ notices/ updated information/ shortlisted names etc. on their registered email id. Students are expected to be in time as per the announcements.
  8. Please note that companies will be grouped into the above slots based on criterion such as salary package offered, departments a company wishes to hire from, reputation, nature of the job, past hiring record etc.The decision of OCCaP will be final in this regard.


  1. A student who applies for any job/ internship position is bound to go through the entire selection process unless rejected midway by the company. Any student who withdraws deliberately in the midst of a selection process will be considered as a case of absenteeism (see below).
  2. Absenteeism: A student not attending the PPT, Test, Interview and any other criterion required by a company after registering and without prior intimation(at least 24 hrs prior to the placement process via email) will be deemed as absent. Absenteeism anytime will lead to suspension of student account on OCCaP placement portal. The decision of revocation of student account will rest solely with OCCaP.
  3. Students should maintain discipline and decorum in every action they take during the placement process. Any student found violating any rules of general ethics and etiquette as deemed by the company or OCCaP, or defaming the Institute will be debarred from the placement process for the entire placement season..
  4. Students found cheating or misbehaving during the selection process (PPT/Test/GD/Interview) will be debarred from the placement process. Any kind of misbehavior by the student will lead to debarment of the student from any further placement activity.
  5. During online test, students should ensure that email or any other communication client (other than the one prescribed by the recruiter) is not active in their laptop during the test. 
  6. Students are expected to follow the dress code stipulated by OCCaP. Students must be formally dressed whenever they participate in any sort of interaction with a company. Formal clothes for men include formal shirt and trousers, and leather shoes. Formal clothes for women include either a pair of Salwar-Kameez (no binge) or formal shirt and trousers. Ties and other formal accessories are optional. Accessories deemed unsuitable by OCCaP, such as sunglasses, are strictly prohibited. OCCaP reserves the right to restrict or prohibit the use of any accessory that it finds improper. Students, both women and men, are advised to have a business suit available in case a company stipulates that students attend the process suited up. Women are advised to have a saree available as well. Tee shirts, jeans, casual shirts, caps and other informal wear are strictly prohibited. Students found violating the dress code will be disallowed from attending the process and treated as absent, as regulated by the rule above.
  7. Students must carry their Institute Identity cards at all times during the placement process. Impersonation will lead to debarment from placement, and further action may be pursued at the Institute level.


  1. Announcement email from OCCaP or company will be considered as a firm offer. Offers received from companies must be collected within the deadlines. The responsibility of going through the offer letter and taking actions therein such as submission of documents lies entirely with the student. In case offers are received directly by the student from the company, the same must be intimated to OCCaP.
  2. Students who have received one or more offers will be de-registered from the placement process.
  3. The offer gets accepted unconditionally for students with one offer in a slot.
  4. Students with more than one offer in a slot must confirm their preference to OCCaP latest by 9.00 PM on the day of the declaration of results.  – If anyone fails to inform in time, OCCaP will take the final decision on behalf of the student, and this decision of OCCaP will be binding on the student
  5. Failure to notify by the deadline will result in the offers being withdrawn and offered to the next candidate on the waitlist.
  6. OCCaP assumes that all selected student will pass the medical test. If there is a rejection at this stage, the student’s registration will be renewed and the student becomes eligible again to seek placement through this office in the same placement session. The student cannot re-register in a later year.
  7. In case the student decides not to join the company, they should inform the company in writing with reasons at least two months before the date of joining, or 31st Day of May of any given year, whichever is earlier. They are also required to submit a copy of that letter to OCCaP .



The maximum duration of these visits will be limited to 12 weeks.  Extended internships (beyond 12 weeks) are allowed only in cases where explicit Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) exists between the organization and the Institute to facilitate such visit.  In such cases, the total duration that a student is away from campus will be governed by such MoUs.

  • UG students will be allowed to take up internships only during the summer terms.
  • M.Tech/ M.Des/ M. Mgmt may use only the summer months (1st May – 31st July**) between their first and second years for internships.  Research students will be eligible to take up internship positions any time of the year, after they complete the RTP requirements.
  • In all cases, internship of only up to maximum 8 weeks will be allowed.  Only PhD students may be allowed to take up internships for a second term of three months.
  • Companies will be allowed to interact with candidates during the month of March/ April for internship hiring.
  • Student may participate in the process and receive multiple offers. The selected student should confirm the acceptance of offer(if multiple offers) via email to OCCaP latest by 6.00 a.m of the following day.
Program Hiring Timeline Joining Period Duration
M.Tech/ M.Tech(Res)/ M.Mgmt/ M.Des/ UG (B.Sc & B.Tech (new program) from March 2025 1st May – 31 July 11-12 weeks**
PhD/ Post Doc Anytime round the year 3-6 months
**Internship last date can be extended to 5th August with prior request.


The duration of internship will be considered as a leave of absence, and the student will not be paid any stipend/ fellowship from the Institute during this period. Further, stipend will not be extended beyond the period the student is normally eligible. Students taking up internships in Government organizations that do not offer any form of remuneration may request for a special permission to receive the Institute stipend on completion of the visit.


  • All Students participating at OCCaP events to facilitate Industry internships need to get an approval from the supervisor/chairman that (s)he will be allowed to take up an internship if offered during a specified window.
  • The consent from Advisor is required for appearing for internship interviews organized by OCCaP.  After getting the offer, students must get Dean’s permission by requesting using a prescribed form (with a copy of the offer letter) before proceeding for internships.
  • Students proceeding on internships are expected to appropriately honor intellectual properties (IP) owned by the host organization as well as Indian Institute of Science and prevent IP pilferage in either direction.The student must get permission from the Deans before proceeding on Internships. The request letter must contain the details of the offer, and must be forwarded by the guide/supervisor and the chairman of the department
  • The student proceeding on internship may be allowed to retain his/her room in the Institute hostels, if already provided.
  • Student proceeding on internships are expected to have attended training and orientation programs organized by OCCaP.
  • On completion of the visit, students are required to submit a formal report electronically on their internship work, through their industry and Institute advisors to OCCaP.
  • Students must inform OCCaP regarding any pre-placement offers made as soon as such an offer is made. Decision on acceptance of such an offer must be made by August 10th, 2024 or the company deadline whichever is earlier.

For any student queries/support in the following order​:

Step 1: Call and meet the student coordinators.

 Step 2-Email: Write to and CC

 Step 3-Visit the OCCaP office: Available from Monday to Friday, between 3:30 PM and 4:30 PM.

 Step 4-Email: Write to (Please allow 48 hours for a response).

 Step 5-Email the OCCaP Faculty Committee: Send an email to, with a copy to Prof. Chandra Murthy at (Please allow 48 hours for a response).

 Step 6-Email the Chair of the department: Please allow 48 hours for a response.

 Students are kindly requested to follow the set procedures. Issues raised directly with higher authorities, bypassing the proper channels, may not be considered.