Recruiter FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (Recruiters)

  • The Campus Season for Year 2018-19 will begin from October 2018.
  • Campus Season 2018-19 is divided into 2 slots: Slot A and Slot B
  • Companies interested to recruit from Indian Institute of Science have to send a mail to the OCCaP email id mentioning their interest to recruit our students. Login credentials to register on the OCCaP Online Recruitment Portal will be shared on the corresponding email id and contact number of SPOC (Recruiter)
  • Companies have to mention all the required information in detail so as to avoid any miscommunication during the recruitment season.
  • The schedule of visit in campus and other information will be shared post registration on the portal.
  • The resources(Number of Interview rooms) required in campus by the recruiters to successfully complete their recruitment process should be informed to the OCCaP office minimum 2 days in advance. Last moment request for additional interview rooms will not be facilitated in any case.
  • The online test (if required) should be conducted at least a day before (between 5.00 p.m to 8.00 p.m) the Personal Interview (Scheduled in Campus).
  • The results of the online test should be shared at least a day before the Personal Interview (Scheduled in Campus).
  • The Recruiting companies can hold any student on the day of interview not more than 90 minutes (60 minutes at a stretch).
    The final result:
  • The results should be declared any day before the end of the specified visit week (before 6.00 p.m of the given day) in a sealed envelope only with OCCaP Staff.
  • Waitlist candidate details can be shared with the the OCCaP staff in a sealed envelope.
  • In case of non-availability of the final select students the waitlisted candidates will be automatically upgraded.


NOTE: All the communication with the students should be routed ONLY through the Office of Career Counselling and Placement (OCCaP). Any communication with the students overpassing OCCaP for On Campus Recruitment will not be appreciated