Recruiter FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (Recruiters)

  • Campus Season for Year 2022-23 will commence for PPT’s from August and Test/ interviews from October
  • Campus placement process may be in physical/ hybrid/virtual mode this year. The selection process of any company may include any or all of the below:
    • Pre- Placement Talks
    • Online Test/ CV screening
    • Interview
  • Refer this link for placement calendar IISc – Batch 2023 – Internship_Placement calendar.xlsx
  • Campus Season 2022-23 is spread across different slots starting from Slot 1.
  • Companies interested to recruit from Indian Institute of Science have to send an email to expressing their interest to recruit students. Login credentials to register on OCCaP Online Recruitment Portal will be shared on the corresponding email id and contact number of SPOC (Recruiter)
  • Companies are requested to mention all the required information in detail so as to avoid any miscommunication during the recruitment season.
  • Hiring timelines and any other information will be shared post registration on portal
  • A. Pre- Placement Talks (PPT)
  • PPT’s may be scheduled in any one or more of the modes:
    • Documented PPT’s shared via email
    • Recorded video PPT’s shared via email
    • Online streaming of PPT

    B. Shortlist for Interview process

  • Shortlist for the interview process can be made by the recruiter, at their discretion, by any or all of 
    • Online Test (students will take test from their home/ monitored by OCCaP in Institute if physical mode of placements)
    • CV screening

    C. Interview Process

  • Interviews will be scheduled via virtual/physical mode by the recruiter, at their discretion, by any or all of 
    • Telephone Call
    • Skype, MS Teams, Webex or G-Suite, Zoom
    • Or any other online platform as per the preference of Recruiter
    • Physical mode in campus

    Placement Participation Policies


    • Students interested to apply for a particular company will apply directly on the portal.
    • Recruiter can access this applications directly on portal.
    • List of applicants will also be shared by OCCaP to recruiters via email


    • Multiple companies will be scheduled on any given day. The maximum time allowed for a company is 90 minutes in total (if multiple rounds are requested) for each candidate.  At any stage, a single session for a candidate may not exceed 60 minutes at a stretch.
    • Those students shortlisted by multiple recruiters should attend ALL interviews as per the schedule provided by the company through OCCaP.
    • A slot can be limited to a day or spread across multiple days
    • If a company is unable to complete the interview process for a student due to technical issues like network failure etc., at any end, recruiters are encouraged to inform the same to OCCaP and reconnect with student at the earliest possible timeframe of a particular slot to complete the interview process.


    • Recruiter should share final results via email to by the end of an interview slot
    • OCCaP will declare results to students
    • The offer gets accepted unconditionally for students with one offer in a slot.
    • Students with more than one offer in a slot will be confirmed to their final acceptance of offer based on their preferences shared to OCCaP before commencement of every slot. Acceptance status of offer will be communicated to respective recruiters.
    • Companies are encouraged to provide waitlist along with the final selection list. In case of non-availability of the final select students the waitlisted candidates will be automatically upgraded or will be upgraded as per recruiters preference.

NOTE: All communication with students should be routed ONLY through the Office of Career Counselling and Placement (OCCaP). Any communication with the students overpassing OCCaP for Campus Recruitment is not appreciated